BRITE (Business Reporting and Intelligence Tool for Education) is a tool which allows an institution who is an Ellucian Banner™ customer to retrieve data from their student information system in an easy to use web format. The system is geared for faculty and administration alike with its myriad of reports available for retrieving timely information to aid in decision making at all levels of the institution. The reports range from real-time sortable/searchable/downloadable class lists and current major listings to historical but pertinent business intelligence such as enrollment trends, faculty teaching load history, and more for planning, trending, or academic analysis. BRITE also contains an optional student interface allowing students to access information about their current academic advisor, print their class schedule, or view an unofficial transcript from a single easy to use, AJAX driven interface. BRITE is easily integrated in to a university's existing IT infrastructure as it uses real-time querying means and logic to directly access the underlying Oracle database that runs the school's student information system.

The system has a complete set of security features allowing a customer to limit access either on an individual basis or by controlling access lists for groups, with a full auditing log system. The toolset has drilldown capabilities for student listings, the ability to export data directly to an Excel spreadsheet, and is fully customizable in terms of its look and feel.

BRITE is packaged with various administration and setup options including administering all access to the system through Banner's security objects and classes with BANSECR or managing BRITE access through the system's prebuilt administration options. There are also a number of ways in which users can login to the system, including domain-based authentication, form-based login, or through a Single Sign On (SSO) optional available if you are a Banner Self Service customer.

BRITE Development knows that schools will not buy this software for the software itself, but will want to buy it for the benefits it provides. Schools will need the software because it can provide them with invaluable data in an easy to access format, data that is important for the everyday operation of the university. BRITE will maintain a high professional standard and a reputation as a quality data provider.