The following represents a listing of reports available within BRITE (clicking a link will provide access to the demo for a particular option).

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Reports Classified by Category

  • General
  • Class Information
    • BRITE Early Intervention System
      Provides faculty a method for contacting students who may be at risk within a course and notify them in what areas they can improve.
    • Class List with Grade Information
      Individual section with final grade details.
    • Class List with Grade Information
      Individual section with final grade details.
    • Class List with Email Address
      Class list with drill-down capabilities for detailed student information, also downloadable to Excel.
    • Class List with Past Attempts at Course
      Class list contains a listing of each students' past attempt and grade received for a similar course.
    • Pre-requisite Verification by Class List
      Class list showing whether students enrolled have taken the pre-requisites for the course in which they enrolled.
  • College/Department Information
    • Advisee Report by Faculty
      Contains a listing of all advisees assigned to a particular person with detailed student information.
    • Chair Grade Verification by Subject/Term
      Provides a listing of all offerings by subject code and information on final grade reporting.
    • Course Withdrawal Summary by Subject and Term
      Listing of all sections offered by subject and number of students withdrawing vs. number completing.
    • Department Faculty Meeting Scheduler
      Allows the user to select a set of individuals and it will provide a grid showing when all individuals are in class, making finding meeting times easier.
    • Enrollment Summary by College/Subject/Level of Courses
      Provides a listing of what sections within a college or by subject which are enrolled below a particular minimum number.
    • Faculty Course History
      Provides a listing of sections w/enrollment figures taught by a faculty member by term, by date range, or overall.
    • List Courses Taught
      Listing of all sections with detailed information by college and term.
    • Non-Returning Students by College or Major
      Provides a list of all students who have not graduated, nor re-registered for the following term.
    • Summary of Majors by College
      Provides a summary of majors by major code with drill-down capabilities listing the individual students.
  • Current Majors
  • Enrollment Statistics
  • Faculty Information
    • Electronic Syllabus - MASTER UPLOAD
      Allows designees to upload electronic copies of syllabi into the system.
    • Electronic Syllabus Submission
      Allows the instructor of record for a section to upload an electronic copy of their syllabus.
    • Electronic Syllabus Submission Review
      Provides a listing of syllabi electronically uploaded to the system for review.
    • Syllabus Submission Summary by Subject/Term
      Provides a summary of the number of sections offered by subject and how many have electronic syllabi on file within the system.
  • Graduates by Major
    • Graduates by Major
      Provides a listing of students who have earned a degree from a particular major code, by date.
    • Graduates by Minor
      Provides a listing of students who have earned a minor from a particular minor code, by date.
  • Current Course Catalog
    Lists all courses offered by subject with a catalog description (if description stored in Banner).
  • Student Information