The Higher Education information you need can be at your fingertips.

Web-accessible interface
Faculty and administrators are able to access data and reports from the school's student information system through a Web Browser.
Administration options also exist with a browser interface.
User-friendly reports
Know how to use a browser? Then you will know how to access and download data from BRITE!
Accessing report data is nothing more than clicking a report, selecting some intuitive parameters and running the report.
Real-time data
BRITE integrates with your school's existing student information system, pulling live data,
providing you with up-to-the-minute data for accurate decision making.
Coexist with existing systems
BRITE is a business intelligence add-on to a campus' IT solutions for their student information system
and will coexist with any existing system.

What is BRITE?

BRITE (Business Reporting and Intelligence Tool for Education) is a tool which allows an institution who is a Banner® by Ellucian customer to retrieve data from their student information system in an easy to use web format. The system is developed for faculty and administration alike with its myriad of reports available for retrieving timely information to aid in decision making at all levels of the institution. BRITE also contains an optional student interface allowing students to access information about their current academic advisor, print their class schedule, generate an optional schedule based on course availability, and more!


BRITE provides faculty and administration with reports for retrieving timely information to aid in decision making at all levels of the institution. The reports range from real-time sortable/searchable/downloadable class lists and current major listings to historical business intelligence such as enrollment trends, faculty teaching load history, and more for planning, trending, or academic analysis. BRITE also contains an optional student interface for accessing information about their academic advisor, print a class schedule, or view an unofficial transcript from the easy to use, AJAX driven interface. BRITE is easily integrated in to a university's existing IT infrastructure.

Who is BRITE?

BRITE Development develops, publishes, and markets business reporting and intelligence tools for education in a software product known as B.R.I.T.E. (Business Reporting and Intelligence Tool for Education). This software is aimed at making decision making and data access available from an institution's student information system to higher education faculty, staff, and administration in an easy to use web accessible format. BRITE is owned and developed by Brian M. Morgan, an associate professor of computer and information technology at Marshall University.